Free Video Publishing & Syndication Platform


Content Monetization

  • Ability to run your own ad tag
  • Your ads automatically follow the content wherever it's published across your syndication network
  • If you don't have your own tag or sales team, leverage the AIR.TV ad marketplace to maximize your earnings

Video Content Management

  • Upload and edit videos with full control over thumbnails and metadata
  • Automatically import videos from any mRSS feed
  • Automatically import your latest videos from your YouTube channel

Simple Publishing

  • Add a video to any page as easily as embedding a YouTube player
  • Make your content private, open it up to our premium publisher marketplace, or invite only the publishers of your choosing
  • Make your videos available worldwide or restrict access to the territories you want

Encoding and Delivery

  • Free, unlimited encoding, storage, and streaming
  • Supports multiple sizes and formats, including adaptive-bitrate HLS streaming optimized for mobile devices
  • Your videos work on Web and mobile, seamlessly


  • Get detailed reporting from your O&Os, your syndication partners, YouTube, and Facebook all in one place
  • Support CPV and branded entertainment campaigns with a single report across all your distribution channels
  • Snapchat and Instagram coming soon

Syndicate Everywhere

  • AIR.TV network includes hundreds of premium publishers who want your content
  • Publish to YouTube automatically
  • Publish to Facebook automatically
  • AIR.TV provides free outbound mRSS feeds for your partners who use their own players